Thursday, April 8, 2010

I wear my sunglasses at night

Ahh.  Sunglasses.

Sunglasses are another one of those things that I've always had a hard time justifying.  I'm all about spending some cash on a nice purse or some good shoes - OK, so sometimes a lot of cash, but that's beside the point.  Even after all those years in Florida, I had a routine of buying a pair of Target sunglasses, keeping them about a month, losing them and then starting the cycle over again.  I always said that I'd take better care of my sunglasses if I spent more money on them - never mind that I probably spent twice as much on all the Target sunglasses.  You might think that if I couldn't justify purchasing sunglasses myself, that this would be the perfect thing for a present.   Nope. Even after TB entered the picture and realized that I liked a nice purse or two for bithday presents, he always laughed when I mentioned sunglasses.  He didn't believe for a second that I wouldn't lose them.  No faith in me.  None. 

Flash forward a few years.  I'm getting older.  Which means, among many things...... wrinkles.  I'm dilligently doing my research on all the wrinkle prevention products and wouldn't you know, one of the top recommendations for wrinkle prevention is sunglasses.  Large sunglasses, everywhere you go.  Hmmm.  Interesting.  This might just be my "I can now justify a really expensive pair of trendy sunglasses" excuse.  Yes, yes.  I think so.

About this same time, I started getting the feeling that TB was gaining faith in my "hanging onto expensive things ability".  For example:

Watch - 3 years, check
Earrings - 2 years, check
Engagement ring - 1.5 years, check

Not too bad, if I do say so myself.

Approximately a month ago - yes, an entire month.  We ventured to the mall and I got myself the most beautiful pair of non-Target sunglasses. Every time that peskly little sun peeks out - I immediately grab for those shiny new sunglasses, pop them out of their case (yes, I keep them in the case) and put them on my face for some serious wrinkle prevention.  I haven't lost sight of them and it's been three weeks. Pretty darn impressive.

These are defnintely NOT the sunglasses that were purchased, but you get the idea.