Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Running From the Law

We've been running from the law.  For just a wee bit.

There was recently some slight lag time between the time we moved to GA, obtained GA driver's licenses and registered our cars.  There may (may) have been a short period of time where our NC registrations lapsed and we weren't really legal in any state.  I'm not really sure about that... and I'm gonna play dumb.

We've been driving on pins and needles, but luckily there was never a ticket, arrest or car impound!

But, there was that time on our way to Edisto Beach (not Edisto) that we went through a roadblock.  We both almost peed our pants pulling up to the road block.  We both even had the fleeting thought of abruptly turning off on a side road.  We decided to press our luck and thankfully the cops had bigger fish to fry and barely glanced at us.

There were also those other times when we would have to abruptly change our route due to seeing a police officer in our rear view mirror.

OK, so maybe we've been scared to death to drive for the past little while.

After recently writing a hefty check, proving we lived in NC, went through a move, reside in GA, live in our county, own both cars, proved we are legally married, paycheck stubs, proof of insurance faxed to the county (insurance cards not accepted), utility statements, two trips to the county tag office, several applications, a wrong website and a very angry county worker - we now have the proper paperwork in place and are no longer running from the law!  Sigh of relief.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Rainy Nights

TB had a little something up his sleeve this year for my birthday.  Just a little something.

I thought that TB had gotten the two of us concert tickets and we were going to spend a couples night on the lawn of Lakewood listening to the tunes of Jack Johnson.  But, actually....a whole group of our friends were planning to come along with us.  As we were "pre-gaming" for the concert, friends kept showing up - one by one.

It was a great surprise and great time - with the exception of the rain.....

The only casualty of the night was TB's iPhone.  That makes two broken iPhones in just a couple of months.  (Sigh)

Is that a concert t-shirt?  From the concert we were at?  Shame shame Tanner.

Before the rain

Trying to communicate through plastic bags

We must have run out of ponchos by the time Guss and Jessica arrived

Hil tried an interesting rain blocking technique

Our evening ended by sneaking into Jason and Hil's neighbor's house and taking a picture with their scarey fountain in the front yard.  Sorry guys!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Going in Reverse

And only reverse.  In my car.  That might make it difficult to get around.  Right?

A small, seemingly insignificant piece of plastic in my car broke a few months ago.  A piece called the gear shift protector.  A small piece of plastic that keeps things from falling into your gear shift:

Little did I know, the broken piece of plastic was slowly working it's way into the gears as the months were ticking away.  That piece of plastic kept settling into the perfect spot even as my car warranty ticked away just a few short months ago.  It would then decide to settle right into a gear and lock up my shifter as I was backing out of the driveway.  As I go to put the car in drive - nadda. Nothing.  It won't move out of reverse. DARN.

But good news.  The replacement gear shift protector was only $40.  BUT WAIT.

Since the car was stuck in reverse - I couldn't drive it to the repair shop - or get the keys out of the ignition.  So add a tow truck bill to that.  BUT WAIT AGAIN.

In order to dig the broken piece of plastic out of the gears, the entire middle console had to be disassembled.  Which means many many expensive hours of labor.

$40 quickly exploded to something much more than $40.  Of all things....stuck in reverse.

On the bright side - since I was stuck in the middle of the street for an hour or so, it was a great way to meet our neighbors!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Casa TB

Yes sir!  We are official adults - aka:  homeowners!

Our first big purchase (after the house of course) - was a lawnmower.  TB did his typical hours of research before deciding on the most appropriate model and then headed out to the jungle that had become our yard.

I offered to help - but I was forbidden from assisting in his inaugural lawn mowing.  I do have a sneaking feeling that he will accept the offer of help from here on out.

By the way - moving announcements are on the to-do list.  Be looking for yours in the mail soon!