Thursday, October 21, 2010

Journey Through 8 States

Nope, we didn't take another vacation.  I'm talking about the journey of our cake.  Yep, our cake.

There's the old tradition of keeping the top of your wedding cake, wrapping it up and eating it on your first anniversary.  That seems easy enough if you get married in your home town.  We did not, so our cake's journey over the first year went a little like this:

- The cake was born in New Orleans, LA (state 1)
- It was wrapped up the evening of our wedding and given to my parents, who packed it in a cooler and left the next day for a vacation in Florida.  The drive took our cake through Mississippi (state 2), Alabama (state 3) and into Florida (state 4).
- After it's Florida vacation, the cake headed to my parent's home in Georgia (state 5).  Where it sat until last Christmas when we went to pick it up - and celebrate the holidays of course.  Our journey home at the time took us through Tennessee (state 6) and into North Carolina (state 7) - where it again sat in a freezer for a few months.
- This spring we moved to Atlanta, so again the poor cake was packed in a cooler and driven south from Raleigh through South Carolina (state 8) and into Georgia. 

Needless to say, we weren't excited to eat the cake, so we waited a few weeks until we had a quiet evening at home.  The big grease spot on the side of the box, was not a good sign.....

Then discovering that the flowers which were on top of the cake one year ago were packed up with the cake, was another bad sign.  Not exactly appetizing..

Eventually we decided to forgo eating the cake due to the fear of food poisoning.  In the trash it went....