Sunday, August 22, 2010

East Coasters Have a Few Things to Learn

Portland is weird.  Really.  They are quite proud of being weird and it is even a motto of sorts for the city.  They also seem to enjoy protesting (as in marching around the city with a sign).  And they do indeed protest everything. 

This is an odd concept for us southerners.  We don't see too many protests out here.  I don't think it's apathy - perhaps we just choose to express our opinions differently.  Or maybe we have chosen to pick our battles and don't feel passionate about seemingly everything.  Who knows?  But the fact remains, I have never seen so many protests, as I have in the states of Oregon and Washington. 

Being the typical tourists that we are - we needed to get a picture of this oddity.  Right?  Just as you would a painting or monument. 

We found a few wandering protesters and asked for a photo opp, in our sweetest southern accent.  There was some initial hostility from the pictured protesters, but once we explained that we were not from around there and were just trying to document their passionate protest - they quickly agreed.  They were quite excited that their protest was actually gaining some interest. And then they apologized.  For what, you may ask?

Apparently it was a light day for protesters in Portland and our friendly photo op group, was upset that we were not getting to experience Portland protesting in all it's glory.  Seriously.

Oh geez.

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