Monday, September 13, 2010

Rainy Nights

TB had a little something up his sleeve this year for my birthday.  Just a little something.

I thought that TB had gotten the two of us concert tickets and we were going to spend a couples night on the lawn of Lakewood listening to the tunes of Jack Johnson.  But, actually....a whole group of our friends were planning to come along with us.  As we were "pre-gaming" for the concert, friends kept showing up - one by one.

It was a great surprise and great time - with the exception of the rain.....

The only casualty of the night was TB's iPhone.  That makes two broken iPhones in just a couple of months.  (Sigh)

Is that a concert t-shirt?  From the concert we were at?  Shame shame Tanner.

Before the rain

Trying to communicate through plastic bags

We must have run out of ponchos by the time Guss and Jessica arrived

Hil tried an interesting rain blocking technique

Our evening ended by sneaking into Jason and Hil's neighbor's house and taking a picture with their scarey fountain in the front yard.  Sorry guys!

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