Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Worst Thing in the Entire World

My four year old niece recently asked me an interesting question.  Our conversation went a little something like this:

Tallie:  Auntie Leslie, you want to know what the worst thing in the world is?
Me:  Gosh, I don't know - what is it?
Tallie:  Going to the bathroom on the airplane.
            The door was freaky and the toilet was gross.
            I walked in and said," What the mess is this?"
           The floor freaked me out.
            I don't ever want to use the bathroom on the airplane again.
            It was the worst thing in the world.

Ahh.  That little one is wise beyond her years.

A few more wise thoughts from a four year old:

- My mom is never driving a minivan!  Ever!
- If you cheat at the Disney Princess matching game, my dad will ninja chop you. 
- Freaky looking people live in Portland.
- Policemen come to get you if you're bad, firemen come to help you if you're in trouble and ambulances come to get you if you're dead.

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