Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What it Means to Us

Over the year that we planned our wedding, we put many many personal things on hold and always said, "We'll get to that after the wedding".  It seemed that our life was split into two time periods, before the wedding and after the wedding.  It was such a turning point, that every time the wedding was mentioned it became "The Wedding".  A proper noun, sometimes cursed at, sometimes wanting to give up on, but at the end was all worth it.

Now that we're in the "after the wedding" time period, reflecting on that weekend makes us realize that the it was an amazing weekend spent with the most important people in our lives.  Every person there meant so much to us and we couldn't have pulled off such a great time without all of you.  Aside from all the mushy gushy stuff, this reflection on the wedding weekend made us realize that the wedding also meant so many other things.

Stay tuned to find out exactly what these other things are........

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