Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dance Party USA

What do you get when you combine a losing football team, a weekend back in your college town, a sunny fall day, making it rain with napkins, a port-o-potty, a DJ, purple tights, a snuggie, a blow up beer can from Bi-Lo, a generator, lots of boots, Miley Cirus, deviled eggs and Bojangles?


Dance Party USA!
(or a South Carolina tailgate.... whatever you choose to call it)

The dude that made it all possible

The Boys - Hanging out on a tailgate. At a tailgate.

Drew. Being Drew.
(Yes, someone is in that port-a-pottie)

Trying to get some love....

Boys, being boys.

Girls. Being Girls.

A little live action of tailgate dance party. Did anyone realize that SC lost? I
think not .. (Click on the picture below to check out the choreography from the tailgate)

From The Button Life


  1. thats hilarious...what about party in the usa video

  2. Stumbled across this....Hilarious!