Monday, January 25, 2010

Look Before you Drink

A few weeks ago, we made the trip up to Richmond, VA (RVA - remember this abbreviation, I have another post in the works about the RVA) for our friends Matt and Kate's engagement party.  As usual, the weekend started out with a long Friday night, an entertaining day at David's place and another great celebration on Saturday.

Although the celebration was great and we can't wait for the wedding, another very important event occured that weekend. While at the party, we all learned a great lesson through our dear friend Wolf.

As I think about it, this lesson should be one of those great lessons that our parents taught us when we were little like, "Look before you cross the street" or "Think before you speak".  This experience by Wolf left such a lasting impression in all of us, that I will be sure to always follow this great rule.  Now - on to the story....

A group of us were catching up, hanging out and not really paying much attention to anything in particular.  All of the sudden, we look up and our friend Wolf is spitting his drink back out.  (Keep in mind, we're at a pretty nice place, at a pretty nice party, put on my Matt's pretty nice parents.)  Due to the escapades the night before, we immediately thought that the weekend was just catching back up to Wolf.  Then he starts sputtering, speaking nonsense, turning a bit green and pointing to a napkin on the table.  On this napkin we see a chewed piece of gum.  A piece of gum that Wolf had just spit out.  A piece of gum that had been put in Wolf's drink.  A piece of gum that he had almost swallowed with the last swig of his drink.  A piece of gum.  That. Was. Not. Wolf's. 


Someone actually chewed a piece of gum.  With their own spit.  Then dropped it in Wolf's drink.  For him to find.

And that brings us to the lesson of always looking before you drink.

(By the way, no one ever fessed up to chewing the gum or dropping it in Wolf's drink - if it's you, time to own up to the gum)

The Wolf Sandwich

I'm the worst photographer ever - I didn't even get a picture of Matt and Kate together..... so this is Megan, me and Kate.  Getting into trouble and Kate wants no part of it.  Obviously.

And now, Matt - without Kate (sorry guys!).  Showing his excited face about getting married!

All the boys.  Or at least most of them.

I couldn't resist.  I liked this picture :)

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