Friday, February 26, 2010

"You don't like cake? Oh. You don't like cake."

As February is drawing to a close, I suppose I should catch everyone up on an important event that happened at the beginning of the month (bad blogger - I know). 

TB had a rather important birthday, and true to my traditions - I had to call a lot of attention to his birthday and do my very best to embarrass him. 

We decided to make a little weekend trip back to Tampa for the annual pirate festival of Gasparilla.  Since a good number of our friends still live there and this was the weekend before his birthday, I thought that Friday evening would be the perfect time to celebrate.  And no celebration would be complete without........

Matching party shirts!  And not just any matching party shirts, but party shirts with a classic picture of TB's dance moves (he's obviously figured out how to make circles with his butt).   I got so excited about this shirt and the awesome picture, that I couldn't stop there.  I also decided to have a cake made with the picture printed on it.....

Perhaps sometimes I should check my excitement.  During the celebration, I asked TB why he wasn't eating the cake.  I mean, afterall, I did get it with mocha filling, his favorite flavor.  He then burst my bubble and politely reminded me that he doesn't like cake.


I knew that.  But totally forgot.  Bad. Wife.  Darn that excitement.

Regardless of the cake incident, it was a fabulous time and great to catch up with all of our friends!

Happy Birthday TB!

(The cake that I shouldn't have bought....)

(Jeffy is obviously excited about Gasparilla the next day)

(The attendees)

(Our wedding re-inactment, although I don't think we actually did this at the wedding)

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