Sunday, June 20, 2010

MARTA makes you SMARTA

Since we've moved to Atlanta, we've had the opportunity to use public transportation on occasion.  MARTA comes particularly in handy when headed to the airport.  We've successfully used MARTA several times and TB jumped on that bandwagon.  Quickly.  Pretty typical TB.
He's always talking about what a great resource MARTA is for Atlanta and how quick and convenient it is to get to the airport.

How sweet.  And naive.

Oh, how quickly things change. Our most recent MARTA experience made him fall off the bandwagon. 

We were headed to Oregon to see my sister.  Purchased our tickets, headed up the escalator and .... doh.  Our train was just pulling away.  No problem, we'll just wait for the next one.  And wait.  And wait.  And wait. Wow, we were waiting so long that making our flight was going to be hard.  TB frantically gets on his phone and pulls up the MARTA train schedule.  He breaths a sigh of relief.  The next train was scheduled to arrive in just a few minutes.  A few minutes pass.  And then many more minutes. And more......

Many curse words, a small argument, running through the airport, tears, several Delta workers, an oversized bag, hand sanitizer, several smelly people, bad seat selection, a mini meltdown and a lost favorite jacket later.  We made our flight.

Stupid MARTA.  Next time we'll be SMARTA about our MARTA ride. :)

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