Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Coincidence of All Coincidences. In a Bad Way.

A very bad way. 

We recently scheduled a dinner date with another couple who also likes to eat good food.  It was our turn to pick the restaurant and there was one that I had been really wanting to check out.  So I went ahead and made the reservation at the restaurant.  The restaurant that will not be named. 

Our evening started out just fine, we were seated right away, drinks were ordered, appetizers ordered - and then it all went downhill.  Downhill in a way where we crashed and burned at the bottom on the hill.  And then exploded.

As we were enjoying our tasty looking appetizer of the "cheese plate", TB decided to tell the story of a recent episode of Andrew Zimmern "Bizarre Foods".  The episode was about Andrew visiting a city in Italy that makes this special cheese in which maggots live in the cheese.  For real.  Maggots in cheese.  You open up the wheel of cheese and just eat around the maggots.......   You really must click on the "Maggot Cheese" link below and watch the video before you continue reading this.  Really.  You should watch this.  Go ahead.  Click.

Maggot Cheese

Done?  Story continued below....

As TB was just beginning to recap the video above, we saw a horrified look on our dinner mate's face.  He had just sliced into a piece of cheese, was about to place it on a cracker and noticed something moving.  Something small.  And white.  Maggot.  IN THE CHEESE.  No kidding.  Imagine seeing that video above happen right before your eyes.

A live maggot.  Wiggling in the cheese at the restaurant not to be named.

Long story short - our meal was free.  The restaurant was horrified.  Probably not as horrified as we were - but still horrified.  We lost our appetites.  And got out as quickly as possible.  And will not be back to that place.  Ever.

Worst dining experience ever. Bring on the hair in the soup, the bug in the salad and the finger in the beans. I can top it. Maggot. In. The. Cheese.

Maggots in the cheese.  While telling a story about maggots in cheese.  How weird is that?


  1. Your Dad was totally grossed out! It didn't help matters that I was reading your post to him right before we were going to eat dinner.