Monday, October 26, 2009

Sometimes It's OK To Be A Follower.....

A follower of this blog.  :)

I know there are more than the lonesome five of you over there to the right, that read this blog.  But, let's take stock of our current followers:

1.  My Mom:  OK this is a given.  Mom has to follow.  Those are the Mom rules.
2.  My Coworker:  She has to listen to my incessant blabbing about the blog, so I'm sure this was a pitty follow.  But her dog has a pretty cool blog, if you're interested.
3.  Our old Roommate:  Shout out to Meg-O.  She'll soon be a newlywed, so she's pretty interested in my blabbings on.  Can't wait to go to her wedding in just over a month!
4.  TB's first friend in Tampa:  Shout out to the Araujos!  We have a special post, just for you, coming soon.  Think apple pie.
5:  TB's college friends:  We've spent several Saturdays watching football on their couch.  Again, had to listen to my blabbing about the blog...

Hello Hello Hello  Anyone else out there?  Yes, I may be pathetic and asking for friends - but whatever.  I'm not ashamed.  Just press the button over to the right and you'll get a handy little email everytime we post something.  I may even get so excited that I'll give you a big smackeroo....

OK.  I won't scare you that much.  But I'd be so happy :)  Sometimes I get lonely on this little blog, all by my lonesome.....


  1. the posts...keep them coming!

    Can't wait for this "apple pie" post. My expectations are very high :-)

  2. Awwww!!!!! I luffff you!!!!!!