Friday, October 2, 2009

Honeymoon Lesson #6

Helmets and Harnesses are Amazing Fashion Statements (and another shot of cannonball)

For once on this trip, I wasn't a wienie and didn't think I was going to die.   A bit of ziplining was a cool way to see the island and pretty darn fun too.
Our guides weren't too concerned about giving us a safety talk, they immediately loaded us in the back of a military looking vehicle and drove us into the woods.  We were clipped on a rope and off we went......
Halfway through the trip, we stopped for a little swimming and did some more modified cannonball!

Flashing a few gang signs while zip lining.  That's what I do.

And now the play by play of the modified cannonball:

This next one was totally TB's idea.  Promise.

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