Friday, October 23, 2009

The Toothless Wonder

We attended the annual pilgramage of NC's finest last weekend..... the NC State Fair. We started our little adventure by partaking in some nutritious snacks:

And of course the obligatory - we live in the Bible Belt, preaching everywhere even if it's not appropriate, handing out weird literature in the cattle barn right beside the champion bull and the prize winning hay - Bible Quiz!  What was your score?

Then TB had the idea that we must ride at least one rickety, rusty, sketchy fair ride.  So we promptly spent $20 on tickets, which equated to one ride for each of us.  It's simply amazing how much money can be spent at that place and even more amazing how the kind of people that attend the fair can spend that much money.  Oops - probably shouldn't say that....  Anyway, back to the story.  We take stock of our options and decide on the "Zipper".  We stand in line, warrily watching the guy with no teeth operate the ride.  He seems pretty confident or as least as competent as you can be as a carnival ride operator.  As we're next in line and the cage to the Zipper is opened and the previous riders step out - the guy stepping out of the Zipper cage has a mysterious yellow substance all over the front of his shirt.... 

Yep - that would be puke.

Luckily the toothless wonder operating the ride had the sense to shut the thing down.  Thank goodness - as I was paralyzed in fear that he was going to force us into the puke cage.

So instead, we go on the G-Force.  Great compromise, TB.  Thanks.

Long story short - we survived.  But I think we're getting a bit too old for the G-Force.


  1. Naw....Come on. Your Daddy loves turkey legs!

  2. Too bad you didnt get a pic of puke boy to post. You got lucky that you werent forced in.