Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween is for Kids?

We love Halloween.  Love it. 

This year we decided to go to Richmond and visit some friends for this great holiday.  We had a great pre-celebration party the night before Halloween.  And I even won the arm wrestling competition.  Fair.  And.  Square.  Promise. 

So Halloween day comes along and we all get dressed up in our costumes around 3 PM, just to make sure we got maximum use out of the holiday.  Of course.  As we're all hanging out on the porch, taking pictures of our awesome cosutmes, a group of kids walk up to the door.  Kids?  What are they doing out?  Ohhhhh.  Trick-or-treaters.  Yikes.

Uh-Oh.  In all the shenanegans of the day, we forgot all about trick-or-treaters.  There wasn't a stitch of candy in the house and we all looked like deer in headlights.  For a split second, I almost gave the peanuts I had stolen from Delta for my flight attendant costume - but that would have sacrificed the costume.  Our other option was the beer in TB's stein - but somehow that didn't seem appropriate.  Eventually, we had to send the trick-or-treaters away empty handed.  Sorry guys. 

Perhaps next year we'll embrace trick-or-treaters along with our costumes. 

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