Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Yes yes, there's been a bit of silence over here on the 'ol blog. But, we did indeed move to Atlanta and have been here since the beginning of April.
In order to introduce ourselves to our new city we took a Saturday and did a Tour O'Atlanta. We took in a little festival at Piedmont Park, went to a Braves game and did a marathon (or a 5K - but it felt like a marathon, more details on this one coming soon) through a portion of downtown.
All in all, we've been enjoying the new city and are glad we made this move! If only we could find a house....

Can't go to a festival without a corndog.

A view of downtown from the park.

Lllamas are even at Piedmont Park.

Turner Field

TB at his very first Braves game!


  1. Awwww, I miss you guys and I want to come visit the ATL someday!!!! You guys should also visit SATX fo sho :-)

  2. We miss you too!!! SATX would be a nice little weekend get-a-way.... hmmmmm.......