Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Our First Marathon

OK, so not really.  It was just a 5K, but it sure did feel like a marathon!  It's all relative, right?

Several weeks ago, TB decided he would get involved in some of the social activities at his new job and signed us both up for the race.  Key words here:

"Several weeks ago."

I'm a planner, can get pretty competitive and also a casual runner.  These three things do not go together with signing up for a race just a few weeks in advance. 

So the weeks leading up to the race were filled with evening runs around our new neighborhood.  I'd like to say that we were one of those cute couples that you see running together down the road.  Unfortunately, I'm too slow for TB, so he finishes our course and then I arrive 5-10 minutes later.  Occasionally, if he loves me a lot that day, he'll start to run back through the course to find me - just to make sure I didn't get abducted somewhere along the way.  How nice of him.

It seems that this one little race has created a monster.  TB obsessively checked the race website for days afterward so he could see how he ranked.  He already has plans to run a 10K and who knows, maybe we will run our first "real" marathon one day.....

So the race really wasn't in a parking garage, but we forgot to take an actual running picture until we were about to leave.....


  1. I love this! Peter and I have also planned to run the Disney 1/2 marathon next year. We are going to Atlanta for a few races this year, so we must get together!

  2. No way! I've thought about that one - I think it's pretty flat.... Let me know what races you're coming to Atlanta for and we can run as a foursome :)