Thursday, May 5, 2011

Right is Right

I do a great deal of teaching and training in my every day job.  The challenge with this task is making something that could be complex seem like a snap.

A big part of what I'm teaching people to do is to put a device together.  A device with many moving pieces and parts that has to fit together in a very specific order.  Among all the moving pieces, there is one very important part of this system that has to fit onto the right side of the device.  It's tricky, because it can go on the left side, but it should go on the right side.  Have I confused you yet?

If you're still with me.... One of my co-workers always uses the saying, "Right is Right", when referring to this very important part of our system.  She means that the right side (as in the direction left or right) is the right (as in the correct) side.  See, right is right.

Right is right, isn't just applicable to correctly putting a cochlear implant speech processor together, it also applies to TB's recent back surgery.  He's been teetering on the edge of being an invalid for the past few months.  He hasn't been able to sleep, drive or even sit - all due to bringing that sweet 65" TV into our living room.  Totally worth it.  But we still had to do something about his back.

After several months and quite a few doctor's appointments, he ended up getting a shot in his back.  The right side of the spine to be specific.  And wouldn't you know it, the back doctor uses the same saying, "Right is Right."  See, they even marked TB, just to make sure that no one forgot that right was right.

Our sheets are even stamped with the confirmation.
And right was indeed right in this case.  I'm happy to report that TB is feeling much better!

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