Saturday, September 19, 2009

Honeymoon Lesson #2

A Convertible Does not Have an "Open Trunk" Button

One of the many things I love about TB is that he has the amazing ability to "hook us up". He can wine and dine and smooze with the best of them and always manages to find the best vacations, best apartments etc... - somehow, he always makes it work out. Hawaii was no different. We reserved a basic rental car, thinking who cares. When we arrived in Honolulu, I was given the task of patiently waiting outside the rental car agency with our many suitcases, while he handled all the paperwork. A short time later, TB pulls around the corner in a snazzy convertible. So, it wasn't the coolest convertible, but at the time it seemed better than the mid-size sedan that we would have had otherwise.

Oh, boy were we mistaken!!! A few days later we decided to take a trip to Wimea Bay. Apparantly, Wimea Bay is famous in the surfing world for huge waves - but only in the winter time. The summer is pretty calm and a nice little lounging beach.

We started to get hungry, so we then drove down the road a bit in our fabulous car to check out the shrimp trucks for lunch. The shrimp truck is just that. A sketchy looking 1970s van on the side of the road, with pictures posted on the side of the van of the various menu options, picnic tables and a gravel parking lot. Authentic as authentic gets.

As we are parking and gathering our wallets out of the truck, the car keys somehow get placed in the trunk. Once again, I will get blamed for this. Whatever. Then the trunk gets closed. Uh-Oh.
After a few seconds of staring at each other with panic in our eyes, we realize, no big deal. The doors are unlocked! Phew. We'll just go pop the trunk with the little button.

A few minutes of searching the car for this mysterious button, and actually referring to the user manual make us realize there is not an "open trunk" button in this car. WHAT?????? Isn't that mandatory? So what if it's a safety feature, you could at least allow the back seats to fold down so you can get in the trunk that way. Who makes a car without that button? Curse you Ford. Curses.
We did have several hours to mull over this "design flaw", as we will call it, while we waited for AAA to arrive. We also made some new friends with the AAA guys, as they had to fabricate us a new key. Yes, it seems that AAA cannot pick the lock to the trunk, they must make you a new key. Yep.
With our new key in hand, we ventured out to Shark's Cove for a bit of snorkeling and to watch the sunset. You may notice through the next few posts that TB is a bit of a snorkeling addict. I couldn't get him out of the water for the life of me, so I just took lots of pictures of him with his gear.
Luckily, Shark's Cove is void of any actual sharks, but it does have an abundance of sharp rocks resulting in the first injury of the trip. Ouch.

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