Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Honeymoon Lesson #5

All Surfing Wounds Can be Healed by a Drink Served in a Pineapple
Well, sort of. Our guidebook said that contrary to popular belief, most people can actually catch a wave during their first lesson. Obviously they had not met me.  But I was feeling confident.

We decided to give it a go on Waikiki Beach. Our instructor took one look at me and took me under his wing. He clearly thought he should watch me because I look like the type that might be seriously injured - but I like to say he took me under his wing. He also took the 6 year old kid in our class "under his wing" - but whatever. It's all in the interpretation.

The afternoon consisted of lots of paddling, a few scarey moments, some wipeouts AND catching some waves!!!  (please excuse the crap pictures - they were taken with a waterproof plastic camera)

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