Thursday, September 10, 2009

USC (no, not the good one)

Our first week back in real life was not exactly what I'd call relaxing. I had to jet off somewhere a day later for work, while TB left work early to attend the USC vs NC ST game. Although SC managed to pull off a win and TB had a grand time celebrating (evidence shown above), it was not a pretty or exciting win. But maybe I'm still bitter about the GA loss. Whatever.

I think TB is even more excited about football after our Hawaii trip due to the overwhelming presence of roosters in Kauai. Yes, I know. Who would think there would be roosters in Hawaii. But, they were everywhere. Beach. Pool. Road. Table. Everywhere. We also had several "photo shoots" with some of the more handsome roosters on the island. And, purchased several paintings of these roosters. Roosters will forever be in my life. I should probably get used to it.

It's getting late and I should probably finish packing up all our football gear to head down to Athens tomorrow night. TB is insistent that we fly the SC flags from the car for the entire 6 hr trip. I really must get a GA flag that I can put on my side of the car......

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